We recently started using JIRA at the client I work with, and I remembered a useful shortcut from a long time ago: making my own site search custom shortcut to find JIRA tickets quickly.

The way it works

In the address bar you can type jira [space] CODE-123 [enter] where CODE-123 is the ticket’s reference number. This will autofill the URL with the ticket identifier variable and take you there without passing from the Sprint or Board or pasting a whole URL.

How to set it up

Go to Chrome > Settings > Search engine > Site Search > Click on Add

In the dialog add the name you want, then the shortcut field is the keyword you want to use to start this site search, and the URL with %s in place of the query, for example: https://jira.my-beautiful-project.com/browse/%s

Now when I type jira [space] CODE-123 [enter], Chrome will load

https://jira.my-beautiful-project.com/browse/CODE-123 for me! Yay!