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I am Valeria, a senior developer at thoughtbot. I am from Pisa, Italy. This blog started as a journal to keep track of the things I learn, and re-learn and remember every day.

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Naming variables is one of the hardest things.

Naming pets, bikes and songs is easier.

Coming up with names for usernames, blogs and website domains is also hard.

When a friend was visiting Seattle and asked me for things to see and attractions, I mentioned Viretta Park, the apparently historical park where the legend says Kurt Cobain used to go hang out etc.

But I didn’t want to get my friend’s hope too high on what to expect, so the text I sent him was like: “Then there is Viretta Park – it’s a bench”.

In the same way, you should not expect too much from this blog, other than coding and consulting experiences learned and seen through my perspective.