Rails Time Helpers AKA you do not need Timecop

In the past I have used the timecop gem in specs to make sure I froze time properly and avoid brittleness around dates in RSpec.

TIL that I can use the built-in Rails Time Helpers to achieve the same results. Other than the following example, keep in mind all the other nifty “travel” options in the docs. These time helpers were introduced in Rails 5.

I can use travel_to but I would have to put it in a before block. So even better, I can wrap everything in the it scenario in a freeze_time block, which

Calls travel_to with Time.now.

describe Foo do
  it "bars at will" do
    freeze_time do
      user = FactoryBot.create(
        first_name: "bar",
        anniversary: Date.current

      expect(user.first_name).to eq("bar")
      expect(user.anniversary).to eq(Date.current)

Applauses and rideau.