• How to run a js spec file node_modules/.bin/jest --no-coverage -- spec/javascript/lib/path/to/file.spec.js

(--no-coverage runs faster)

  • How to run a scenario of a file node_modules/.bin/jest --no-coverage -t "my scenario title foo bar" -- spec/javascript/lib/path/to/file.spec.js

  • How to run it with the debugger

1) In your Chrome browser, in the address bar, type chrome://inspect/#devices

2) Click on the link “Open dedicated DevTools for Node”

This will open a new window

3) Place a debugger; in your code.

4) In your terminal run yarn test:debug spec/javascript/lib/path/to/file.spec.js

  • How to run a jest spec and have yarn watch for changes (example below is in one scenario) yarn test:watch spec/javascript/lib/path/to/file.spec.js -t "my scenario title foo bar"