When I started learning how to code at General Assembly, my teammates and I were strongly encouraged to practice the so-called rubberducking. They were telling us to get a toy and talk to it. I remember finding it very unnatural and difficult to do.

Fast forward many years, I find myself doing this all the time, when I reach out for help to my team, when I start typing a very long message on Slack, to explain what I am trying to accomplish and what I have already tried and failed.

In most cases, I interrupt in the middle of typing the message, because it occurs to me yet another thing I could try. In many cases, I delete the whole message before I even hit enter. PROBLEM SOLVED.

In other cases, my logorrheic stream of consciousness, still makes it to the posted state. Like commenting on my own Pull Requests on GitHub. If anything, it shows my thought process, not that anyone asked. 😅