I was working on fixing a bug with the help of Greg and I already tried a million things so I can use a fresh pair of rubber duck eyes to get me out of the rabbit hole I was miserably digging for myself.

He was capable in diverting my attention from the bug that I was trying to fix by asking me if I was sure this wasn’t already happening in main and introduced by some other commit.

So first we tested the same scenario again in main and confirmed that it was indeed already happening. Which I had noticed but was still blaming myself, as I was trying to fix a previous feature I wrote and thought my previous code had somehow introduced that bug before.

Then it was time to figure out which commit added it.

No better occasion that this one, to start using git bisect (yet another TIL) which I have used once before with Edward.

It was fun, quick and easy. It only took us three lobster-steps back to find the culprit.

It also turned out the bug was indeed introduced by another commit, and interestingly enough the tests were all green, eh.

Once I talked to the other developer and they fixed the code, my code was now working as intended. Yay!